Week Three Star Wars Challenge Information

Hi all

1. May Star Wars Challenge
Week One winner: 
Well done to Caroline Challender on being closest with her prediction of 25 minutes for 5K; she got within 5 seconds of this time (results attached). 
Week Two:
You just have time to do the week 2 challenge of 10K (5K remains an option) if you are able to get your result in to Salome Maybanks by the end of Sunday 17 May.
Week Three:
The distance for this coming week is 10 miles (5K remains an option). You have from Monday 18 until Sunday 24th May to complete this week's challenge. 
Just a reminder – this isn't a race!  There is no 'first place' prize, this is for fun and you will be only competing against yourself (and your ability to predict your own times). This event will require you to email (or Facebook messenger) your predicted time to me each week – before you run, and then send me a screen shot/photo of your actual time. 
You only need to run once in the week (not every day) but you must send me your predicted time before you run and then send me a screen shot (Garmin/Strava etc) of the actual run.
Please no cheating! Try and plan your route before you run so you don't check your watches, perhaps cover your watch so you don't check your time/speed! 
Email – salome.maybanks1@gmail.com Or Facebook messenger 
* you only need to run once each week
*social distancing must apply
* this isn't a race, don't put yourself or others at risk
* don't run with others
* you must submit your predicted time each week before you run either via email salome.maybanks1@gmail.com OR Facebook messenger 
* you must submit a screen shot or photo of your actual time
*no cheating 🤣🤣

The winner is the person who gets the closest to their predicted time 👑👑🏃‍♂️🏃‍♀️🐝🐝

Thank you!! 

Sent on behalf of Salome – enjoy, everyone!
2. Other stuff:
Cross Country races 2020/21: screenshot of possible calendar from Charlie Pearce attached, assuming we are in a position to race by October.
Latest Guidance from England Athletics attached for information.
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