Double Gravs

Double Gravs Handicap

Since 1977 the Club has been organising three races a year, the Single Gravs, Double Gravs and Trent Lock. Gravs is short for Gravel Pit, the Single Gravs is one lap, Double Gravs two laps. All races start at the Trent Vale Plessey Sports Ground, Trent Vale Road, Beeston Rylands.

The events are free and only open to Beeston AC first and second claim members.

The handicapper will estimate how long a runner will take to complete the course and runners will then be set off in reverse order, slowest first such that all runners should finish at the same time – at least that’s the theory. There is a perpetual trophy awarded to the winner to gloat over for the following year but don’t expect big money prizes. The events are all about having fun. Prizes etc will be presented after the event, usually in the Marina Bar.

New Course Map due to the closure of the main pond bridge

Original Course map

Double Gravs – two laps! Distance 5.5 miles, 8.8k.

Previous results:

Double Gravs 1981 – 1996

Double Gravs 2014 results

2014 was run on a non-standard course!

Double Gravs 2016 results

Double Gravs results 2017

Double Gravs 2018

2019 Double Gravs Final Results

Event not held 2020 due to Covid-19

Double Gravs 2021

Double Gravs Results 2022

Double Gravs Results 2023