Fell Races

Our Fell Race Secretary is Andy Hunter

Beeston AC take part in Fell Races mainly in the Peak District between March and November. Most of the races are governed by the FRA (Fell Runners Association), their website contains lots of information including all FRA races in England. Scottland is governed by the Scottish Hill Runners. Wales is governed by the Welsh Fell Runners Association.
The Nottingham AAA Fell Championship consists of one race, usually the first race in the Calendar called Wolfs Pitt in the Hope Valley. If you look closely on their website we feature at the bottom of the Cross Country Results page.

Each year more and more Beeston AC members are converting to the Fell discipline to experience the excitement, scenery and  challenge of fell running. Most of them pay their food bill at the pub afterwards.


The FRA and other associations require rules for each race which may require carrying emergency equipment such as: full waterproof body cover with taped seems (incl. hood), hat, gloves, survival bag, emergency food, water …which requires a small rucksack or bumbag. These are descesionary to the organisers on the day depending on the weather.


Included is a mix of races, mostly intended to be short races that are nearer to us. Pleaser remember you need to wear your Beeston AC Vest to get points…Ladies/Gents 30 Points for the First one back, decrementing for the Second etc. Best of 8 races to count.

Click here to download our Fell Calendar (opens in Adobe).


Please check the spreadsheet tabs for different years.

2000-2019 Results (opens in Excel)

Nottingham County Championships
What an Improvement in a year, in 2018 we achieved 6 medals
2018 Chrome Hill Results (opens in Adobe)	2017 Wolf's Pitt Results (opens in Adobe)